Hotel restaurant meyrueis Since 1918

Our environmental approach

The Hotel Family&Spa is committed to an eco-responsible approach aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of your hotel night. For several years now, we have been doing everything we can to preserve this environment that makes us so happy. All our development decisions are made in this sense, here is the list of our ecological approaches already in place:

  • Sound, thermal and acoustic insulation of our rooms
  • Installation of double glazing throughout the building
  • Installation of a heat pump with reversible air conditioning
  • LED lighting exclusively and automatic detector
    Outdoor swimming pool with thermal cover and heat pump
  • Water pressure reducer
  • Insulation of heating pipes
  • Waste management: selective sorting, composting
  • Restaurant: purchase of products in short circuit and from sustainable agriculture
  • Collection of reprocessed oils
  • Linen management in collaboration with bsj-sud, Laundry with an eco-labeled process